SYmbols and symbolism as communication

Ease in communication is always a goal of a designer, and as such I have continuously seeked for ways to use symbolism to disperse messages to the viewer. My thesis was exactly based on that. It is my belief, based on my research, that communication purely through symbols can supercede language in some situations. To prove this, I created a web based application using HTML5, jQuery, and CSS; that allows medical professionals to communicate with patients without the need of any interpreters. Now even more with the use of emoticons, and social media, I hope to find other outlets to prove the importance of symbols and how the world can communicate better with the use of them. PAIN, QUALITY, RADIATION, STRENGTH, TIME; are the five elements medical professionals use to evaluate a patient’s needs. With this app, the patient can communicate to the physician their chief complaint without having to resort to verbal language. Therefore avoiding the need for an interpreter that can be very time consuming. The full text of the thesis can be found here.