Being a Graphic Designer is not something that I intended, it was in my nature without knowing it. The ability to simplify and give the masses information, and messages gives is an incredible responsibility. This responsibility is something I take very seriously. Through careful usage of color theory, symbolism, and typography, and grid theories, I strive to deliver messages to my audience. Although mostly a commercial artist, I strive to apply all of these theories into visual form in any project I am faced with.

I was born and raised in Miami, FL. Right after college I moved to Missouri where I began to work as an exhibit designer as well as a graphic designer. I learned about so many niche needs for designers and, it opened my skill set tremendously. While in there, I started the eLearning program at Savannah College of Art and Design on track to attain the Master of Fine Arts, I knew I needed to be able to teach.

After moving back to , FL and settling into a new job, I was able to to finish my Thesis, and graduate in 2012. My goal of starting to teach graphic design came soon after that. When I joined the University of Miami in an adjunct capacity. Everything about the Strategic Communication department at UM made me feel right at home. In 2015, I left the full time exhibit designer behind, and had my second child, in the middle of the Fall semester. I grew so much in that time, and I learned that women can really do anything.

Early in 2016, I joined a group of strong minority women in Flourish Media. This all-women firm, focuses on aiding small businesses and minority driven businesses to go a step above in marketing. Through a more polished brand, and social media presence, our clients have really flourished (pun-very-much intended).

Currently I juggle, being mom to my two munchkins, being an inspiring instructor, and being a motivated creative.